Out of Convivio 2017 – Three Life Stories

The Testimony of Leticia Saguin Lopez – 36 years old

Photo Aug 04, 5 31 50 PM

My name is Leticia and my husband is an alcoholic. He hasn’t worked in a long time and is very violent with me and the children. When he does go out it is to beg for money so he can keep on drinking, this is all he does. His mother is also an alcoholic and she causes us trouble as well. I have had nine children with him but he doesn’t care about them doesn’t attempt to provide food, clothing and shoes for them.  He never lets me go out and keeps me inside the house like a prisoner. Please pray for me. (This past week, after Leticia shared her story her mother-in-law died of acute alcoholism.)

Fortunately, I have a daughter of 17 years who goes out and works. She went to school for six years and so she goes to work all day long to get food for herself and all her siblings. Every two or three months she comes back home with food for all of us. Her brothers are always so happy to see her when she comes home because she brings love and food. Her name is Francisca Lopez but she only makes 500 quetzals a month. (About $66 every month) I ask you to please pray for her as she lives and works very far from home on the frontier (near Tapachula, Mexico.) We miss her very much.

I cannot go to work because I still have two small children who are very young and I cannot leave them alone. The older children do not have shoes or clothes so they go to school without shoes and they only have a couple of note books. They do not have beds so they sleep on the floor. I have to cook outside on top of a rock and without a roof so when it rains we get wet, and the rain falls on top of the fire so the fire goes out. Please have a lot of prayers for me and my two youngest children.

I heard about La Casa de La Paz and even though I am very afraid of my husband, I started to go to the meetings every week. He gets very angry and violent when he finds out that I go to the meetings. When I am in the meetings I feel a lot of peace with God and the other ladies. I ask God to help me with all my problems. Although I have all these problems I am very happy with my relationship with God and I have more peace within myself. There is a saying from the bible they say in our meetings, “God is not the God of confusion but of peace” and I am learning this is true. My daughter Francisca goes to Casa de la Paz whenever she can. While we are there we forget all the problems that we have in our house and the fact that we often do not even have food to eat some days.  We ask GOD for a Blessing. Thank you for remembering us in your prayers.  – Leticia

(Story written and translated from Kaqchikel to Spanish by Mercedes and Gloria)

The Story of Micaela and Isabel of Monte Mercedes


Micaela got married at 19 years of age but the man that she married never fulfilled his responsibilities. She stayed in this situation until she got pregnant and had a special needs baby she named Isabel. It was then when her husband really got ugly and told her to take the baby and leave his house. Michaela felt very alone and did not want to ask her family for help. Because of this, she went to live with her husband’s family to support the child and herself. She never told her own family what was going on and she was very sad. One day her husband arrived at her husband’s family’s house and beat Micaela really bad. He beat her so bad she was fearful for her life.

Then she decided to tell her own family what had happened. When her family found her husband violently rejected his special needs daughter, they offered her to live with them again. Micaela was physically safe but remained very sad because her own mother did not accept her special granddaughter and blamed her daughter’s condition on her poor choices. She worked nights with her mother to help meet the family’s expenses and lived with her parents till her daughter was 12 years old. It was then she started taking her to a school for special children even though she hardly had enough money for clothes, shoes and tortillas to eat or bus fare to Isabel’s school. In all this Micaela has been very close to God and very grateful God has given her Isabel. No matter what others have said to Micaela, for her, Isabela is proof of God’s wonderful love for her.

Today Micaela is homeless and lives with one of her sisters. She cannot really work because she has to take care of Isabel. She weaves and with the little money she makes. But still Micaela is very grateful for the new friends she’s finding in LA CASA DE LA PAZ. Also she is learning to discern the active presence of the Holy Spirit in her daily life, that the message of God is true here, now, and yes today. Jesus says, “…the words I speak are spirit and life” and when  taken to heart today, then just as He’s promised powerful things begin to happen. Micaela gives testimony that God is changing her life dramatically with reconciliation breaking out in family relationships long broken being restored. She is finding that when we accept the fact that God loves us and cares for us then anything is possible, even peace of mind. When we let God in the promise says “… the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ”  (Phil. 4:7) We know this to be true.

(Mercedes and Gloria translating the story into Spanish)

Leonarda of Finka Las Vegas


My name is Leonarda and I was married to a very alcoholic husband. We had four children together. He used to get upset and beat me a lot. Latter he abandoned me for another woman who was a drinker too. A few years later he died of alcoholism. I was left alone with four children and had to go out and wash clothes and sell chuchitos on the streets, to feed my children.  As they grew up one of my sons moved to Guatemala City to find work. He would come home every week from the city to help me feed and take care of the children. One weekend he came home with a group of his friends and they were all very drunk. He had been influenced by his new friends to drink too much and later he had a very bad car accident, crashed his head and he died. This hurt me so much I was nearly destroyed. I was very sad for a long time. In the meantime, my daughter Rosa who is a special needs had a very bad illness but I never had money to take care of her or take her to see a doctor.  Some days we had no money at all so we did not have any food to eat and we never think of going to see a doctor. Latter my other daughter got married so she left home. I was left with two little children and again had to clean lots of clothes to be able to take care of them. One of them had appendicitis, and I had no money to take him for surgery. Later he had the operation but it didn’t work and now he is in much pain and stays in bed all the time. I feel very helpless but I am trusting and resting in God’s love and care for us.  We had been praying a lot to God for his Blessings.

I really give thanks to God for the existence of Casa de la Paz, they help us with so much Prayer. Now I live in peace, and it has motivated me to start attending church. I feel happier and more at peace with God because He loves us and he is a husband to the widow and a father to the fatherless. Please pray for my family. We know God wants to bless us and God Bless Casa de la Paz.

(Story recorded by Mercedes and Gloria)



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