Stories of Mercedes

File May 23, 11 21 12 AM

Mercedes is our co-worker and friend.  She has been with La Casa de La Paz from almost its very beginning when we were but a mustard seed, long before we had a name or realized the magnitude of what we were doing. In getting to know her over the years I’ve come to call her Mercy because that’s her heart, it’s who she really is.  She’s never met a stranger and has reached out and helped countless others in our community.  Our co-worker Gloria and her three young daughters are a good example; when they were abandoned, homeless and in a place of deep darkness she took them in. There’s always room for more at her table, all this despite living in a crowded house and with six children of her own.

Now Mercedes can use our help.  Recently I dropped by her two bedroom house and saw the entire family of seven, Mercedes, her four daughters and two sons were all sleeping in one room as the main bedroom was leaking water through the cement ceiling.  It’s been the rainy season here since May and things have not improved since then.  In fact they have gotten worst.  The ventilation in her house is poor and the smell of mold is strong so strong, you can smell it outside even before you enter the house.  This is especially unhealthy for her younger children ages six, eight, and ten.  Mercedes never brought this to any ones attention or asked me for help because she’s so busy, mostly with the needs of her children and others and plus there are so many other poor all around us.  “The shoemaker’s children have no shoes “as the saying goes.  Besides her ministry with La Casa de La Paz Mercedes works as a waitress at two different restaurants from 8-12pm every night and all day Saturday.  The only day she has off is Sunday which makes for little in the way of a family life.  This grieves me deeply.  The family used to live in a much larger house but alcohol claimed both her husband and their house. She makes about a third of what she needs through La Casa de La Paz and so she works continually.

There are two clear needs.  The house needs to be repaired and expanded from two bedrooms and a small very primitive bathroom.  The cost of the remodeling would be between seven to ten thousand dollars depending on how extensive the remodeling would be.

Once again, Porch de Salomon has reached out to generously help La Casa de La Paz.  While they are committed to remodeling Mercede’s house, my hope is that we at La Casa de La Paz can generously help support Solomon’s Porch in this project.  The best thing about donating for Mercede’s house is that your gift would go far beyond her family and be a blessing to the entire Mayan community as well.

To help with Mercede’s house build, you can easily make your tax-deductible donations to support La Casa de La Paz’s work through its ministry partner Porch de Salomon:

1.  Paper checks to Porch de Salomon, PO Box 10509,  Tallahassee, FL  32302-2509.  Please specify “La Casa de La Paz” in the memo line.

2.  Online option  (Visa, MC, electronic checks, PayPal) at:

Please specify “La Casa de La Paz” in the “add special instructions to seller” option when using PayPal. 

The second way of support would be to either help provide scholarships for her children through the school year, or to increase her salary.  To help lighten Mercedes financial load (and bring her home from working nights) would be to provide scholarships for three of her six children and/or to help by donating to increase her salary.  For Mercedes girls, Alejandra needs $482 for the school year or $48 monthly. Litzi needs $501 for the year or $50 monthly. Finally, Mishel the oldest girl needs $1,395 for the year or $140 each month.  By helping Mercedes you will be helping La Casa de La Paz and countless others.  Our ultimate prayer is that both Mercedes and Gloria will both serve full time with La Casa de La Paz and no longer have to depend on additional work to support their families.

Mishel (18) Is studying Medicine and wants to be a doctor in the future.
Alejandra (13) is in 8th grade. Her favorite subject is math and psychology and she someday hopes to be a doctor.
Litzi (12) is in 7th grade.  Her favorite subject is music and she someday hopes to be a lawyer.

The Continental Institute is an umbrella Christian ministry that supports many different Christian organizations of which La Casa de La Paz is one.  To donate to us, please visit The Continental Institute website:

To ensure we receive the donation, please specify:
                                    La Casa de La Paz 
Contact Neil with Questions or Comments:

In Guatemala (502) 5584-6886 or email
All donations are tax deductable and go directly to those specifically named in this newsletter.

“Be Fruitful and Multiply”

One More Mercedes Story

A very desperate young women came knocking on the door of Mercedes home.  She had been working as a house keeper for a family in Solola but had run away because the man of the house was putting his hands on her. She came to Mercedes’ door a stranger, homeless, destitute and very fearful.  For the next month she lay sick on Mercedes couch slowly recovering physically.  Of course Telma’s mental and spiritual healing is taking longer.  In fact it’s a lifelong process but she understands the supernatural power of God’s cross; that in His death and burial (Romans 6) and also in His resurrection (Romans 8) she is now a whole new identity as a child of God, gratefully dead to a past that no longer defines her.  She joyfully is reminded that the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in her.

Telma is the daughter of Celestina whose new house we just dedicated is pictured in today’s newsletter.  Through the ministry of Mercedes and Gloria (La Casa de La Paz) Telma is now reconciled with her mother Celestina who in turn has brought her mother Marcela into our fellowship resulting in Marcela being reconciled with her 86 year old mother Clementina.  By the grace of God, four generations of Telma’s family have recently been reconsiled in God’s perfect love.   The result of this is been a repentance on the part of everyone involved that has brought reconsiliation and healing to this once fractured family.  All of this happened because Mercedes answered the door to a homeless young woman who was convinced that she was a nobody.  She opened the door,  invited her in and planted a single seed.

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