Convivio – Thanksgiving at La Casa de La Paz


At the end of every year all the woman and children from our different communities gather together here in Panajachel for something called in Spanish a Convivio or “celebrating our lives together.” In concept it’s the same thing as our Thanksgiving except a Convivio can be held any time and for any reason. Our Convivio is a very special reunion where we offer our gratitude to God with singing and sharing of our life stories in Kaqchikel and in Spanish. We thank God that in his Grace we are being delivered and set free in the midst of our pain. We thank God that in His Love we making progress in having more peace personally and in our families. Because of this we are grateful with our Heavenly Father. After our Service of Thanks giving’s we also give each family a basket full of food so they can enjoy a good “Merry Christmas” with their families. Photo Dec 13, 2 14 30 PMThen we share a nice meal together finishing 2017 in a joyful way. This is especially good because we are with our community of sisters and their families from around the lake.

Please pray for us in these days. Our Thanksgiving – Convivio is Dec. 15th and 16th.

Our Convivio gives the ladies an opportunity to simply relax and enjoy themselves in a special time of celebrating in Christ our lives together. There’s no other reason for this day except to enjoy the Lord and be together with one another – that’s it. (John17) Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, so am I in the midst of them.” Jesus leaves no one out of His celebration and this includes us too. These promises are coming to us because we are learning repentance is a very good thing because it puts us on the right path and gives God room to help us find peace of mind and healing. Repentance means change and when we change the right way, there is no wound or problem too great for God to heal or cure. This is our experience, that those who honestly seek him will find all the love, wisdom and power needed to live clear minded, fruitful lives. Jesus says, “In the world you have tribulation but the things I say to you I say so that in Me you may have peace, take courage I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) We are learning peace of mind as one of God’s most beautiful and important gifts for our community. Then we can start thinking clearly about our future.

Photo Dec 13, 2 48 32 PM.jpg

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