La Casa de La Paz – March 2018

I wanted to share some new developments with you about La Casa de La Paz. In November of 2017 we officially became a 501c3 registered in the United States. Thank you to my friend, Marilyn Hartman, who worked for more than a year to make this happen and to the people who are now part of the board of directors. Also, in March we partnered with Mission Enablers International, a non profit organization that processes donations for independent missionaries as well as organizations. MEI will now allow people to financially support La Casa de La Paz through monthly recurring or one time donations. These are two major accomplishments for La Casa de La Paz and we look forward to growing our ministry this year.

In 2017, we saw the number of women attending our meetings increase by 30%. Our biggest growth happened in a town called San Isidro where our meetings only included six women and now there are 25 women gathering on a weekly basis. This is incredible and God is doing amazing work inside the hearts of this community. Gloria and Mercedes are now meeting with 175 women each week in six different towns and as the number of women we are serving increases so do our expenses. Simple things like a donation of $25 per month would cover a portion of the cost of food bags for ladies in our groups. It’s a small amount, but would make a big impact on these women. Please consider setting up a recurring donation by following these instructions.Photo Dec 13, 5 14 07 PM

Click here for MEI’s website.
Enter your Personal information.
Select Recurring Gift in the drop down.
Enter account # LA499.
Choose your Giving Frequency and Duration.
IMG_4604 1Enter your Payment information.

You can follow the same instructions for making a onetime donation, but select special gift/person. All your donations are tax deductible and are used for the women.

We are very excited about these changes for La Casa de La Paz and we know God is doing great things for us.

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