The Story of Dominga Robles Lush – 75 years old

dominga and paula
Dominga and Paula

“My parents used to drink a lot and in being very drunk they didn’t care if we had enough food to eat. Also they would hit us a lot; both of them whenever they were drunk. When I was 16 years of age my mom died because my father would hit her so much. We were left alone with our father and then he went after another woman so we had a stepmother. This woman cared about us and wanted to take care of us but my father was very ashamed of me. I was born nearly blind and had a deformed eye. My father did not even want to walk with me he was so ashamed of me.

domingaMy father treated me so bad that I decided to go and work with a 60 year old man who used to be my boss. His wife had died and he used to tell me that he wanted us to live together. I was very afraid but I told him yes anyway so we lived together and had a baby. We lived 4 years together but he would not recognize the baby and would tell me it was not his child. I had to take him to justice so he would recognize his daughter and finally he did.

My daughter was 20 years old when she decided to get married to a much older man. This man was 60 years old and he did not want me to live with them because he did not like me. He told my daughter if I was going to live with them I would have to pay 200 quetzals every month for food ($25) but I do not have that kind of money. Now my eyesight is very bad and I cannot find work and do not have a place to live so I am very worried. Every day I go to sleep with my friend who helps me and takes care of me. We both have serious eyesight problems and most days we cannot work because we cannot see well.

Now in La Casa de La Paz I’m learning more about God. I was sharing my story when one of the ladies remembered how Jesus said that God was not mad with me or other special needs people. Jesus says no person or their family needs to feel guilty or ashamed about someone being blind. Jesus told them the birth of their child would bring them closer to God in a special way.”

When Dominga shared her story the Holy Spirit reminded some in the group of Jesus’ words. Whenever we share our stories we try to remember Jesus words and the question, “What would Jesus do?” Since then the women in our fellowship meditated on this story and started forgiving their families. This is why it’s a good idea to read the bible so you can remember a special verse where Jesus says words to help us. That brought healing to Dominga and her family. Now, Dominga and her family enjoy a new relationship of forgiveness and hope on the Word of God. Now they have made peace between the generations in their family. God is good.

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