The Story of Paula Chorin Melete – 65 years old


“When I was born my mother (an alcoholic) abandoned me and gave me to my grandparents. They raised me and gave me their last name. I used to be a daughter to them. When I was 16 years old my grandparents died and I was left alone so I went back to live with my birth mother. Later she abandoned me after she went to live with another man. But before she did, while I was still living with them, her new partner used to beat me up a lot and he did it without any shame or sorrow. So I went to live with my uncle, but he was also an alcoholic and used to hit me too.

By this time I used to spend a lot of time on the streets. While I was hanging out I met a man and later decided to move in with him. This man was much older than me (30 years older). I was 18 years old at that time. He used to get drunk a lot and hit me a lot too. And when I used to get drunk with him, he would hit me with a machete. Later I had his children but he never really loved them. I had 4 children, one of them died when I was giving birth to her, and my other son died at the age of 30 of a brain tumor. I was left with only 2 children who are now married and have their own families. Honestly they do not care about me, so I live with a friend of mine now. Nobody helps me, not even with my food, so I sell fruits for a living in the streets. But when I am ill I cannot work. I can only buy medicine and food with my work money. I am grateful that I found these meetings at Casa de la Paz. I’m not alone now. I feel more peace and I can share my story with the other ladies. Knowing more about God is helping me understand myself better and help others. May God Bless La Casa de la Paz because they support a lot of woman that have a many problems and help them find peace in thinking the thoughts of God in the bible.”

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