The Story of Teresa – 75 Years Old


Teresa married a very kind man, but they never had children. Her husband did not mind because he loved her very much. One day they decided they to adopt and God blessed them with a boy and a girl. Teresa and her husband raised their children with love and took care of all of their needs. Unfortunately, many people in town told the children the couple was not their real parents. The children were upset and this made Teresa very sad.

The children grew up, married and moved away. Later, her husband also died leaving Teresa alone. She became sick and could not work. Teresa feels her children have abandoned her and do not care if she has food. When she was healthy, she worked in farming. Now she has found La Casa de La Paz and is happier and at peace. Teresa loves that she can share her story and listen to other women too. She doesn’t feel lonely any more. The meetings give her hope. She asks God to help with her health problems and to bless her life. Amen

teresa 3

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