La Casa de La Paz – June Update from Neil

NeilIn returning to the states in April all I could think of was to send a thank you for all the wonderful fellowship and blessings I experienced in my month-long visit, both with old and new friends. Thanks for all your encouraging conversations, both in scheduled times and in chance encounters over cups of coffee and meals together. Thank you for opening your hearts and even your homes giving me places to stay.  Thank you for the many conversations on behalf of the voiceless poor. I am profoundly grateful.

Thank you for your many generous donations to add a second story to Mercedes house. We started meeting there early on, before La Casa de La Paz even had a name or we saw ourselves in any kind of organizational terms. Last Tuesday we had 35 adults and 10 children packed in like sardines, in a room that fits 15 -20. Our meeting space will be 3 times as large as it presently is, but if God continues to favor us and the river of life continues to flow I believe we’ll fill it again, the hunger and thirst for new wine and the bread of life is that great. Special thanks this time for partnering with us in our new wine skin.

Mercedes Update
Mercedes’ 2nd Floor

One reminder, we now have our own donation site so please make all future donations addressed to us at La Casa de La Paz as listed below. Again thanks to Solomon’s Porch and Continental Institute for your past help in receiving donations on our behalf.



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