Getting Vision Help with Mission Guatemala

Dr. Courtney making rounds

Over a hundred ladies were given the opportunity to have preliminary eye exams at our new facility. Only a tiny number of our ladies have ever been to a doctor at all, much less have an eye exam. We are most thankful for the kind assistance of UMC, Mission Guatemala (remember Tom Heaton?) and optometrist Dr. Cortney Melchione for her volunteering to visit each of our communities.About seventy of the women need a thorough exam with some of our ladies needing further help with medicine etc. We will really not know until the exams are complete.

Mercedes helps the doctor with the vision chart.

While the field exam is free, the next step is a visit to the eye clinic which will cost Q20. Most of our families are destitute and the vast majority will not be able to even afford this meager sum of about $3.00. Your donations would be greatly appreciated and should be earmarked “eye clinic.” Thanks in advance for your prayers and generosity.

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