Carlos Story

“God is Love…”

(1 John 4:7)


When Carlos was first born his birth parents were very happy, but not for long. Family and neighbors who came to visit  kept telling his parents Carlos was a special child and that he wasn’t normal. The birth mother immediately wanted to  give Carlos away but his dad was hesitant to do so but began drinking heavily and finally decided to agree with his wife and abandon Carlos as well.

At this very same time Carlos birth father had a sister whose name was Feliciana. She was in her mid forties,  had been married many years to an abusive alcoholic, was unable to have  children and was very lonely. For Feliciana Carlos was an answer to her long unanswered prayers, he was God’s special love gift just for her. She immediately adopted him and so loved him, he may well be the most loved little boy in all of Guatemala. The feelings from Carlos side are very much mutual.

As the years have gone by Feliciana is now rapidly losing her eyesight to the point where she cannot even safely walk across the street.  Now at the age of 11 its Carlos turn to love and serve his mom even as she first loved and served him. Even though her eyesight is greatly diminished she still goes daily to the market to sell vegetables to sustain their little family. No one ever had to tell Carlos he had to help his mom, indeed you couldn’t stop him if you tried. He is the model of loyalty and service to his mom. Although Carlos is mute his message of God’s love speaks volumes to all who know this little family. If you ever want to see an example of love and devotion come visit us and we’ll bring you to Feliciana and Carlos house.

Carlos at our office
Carlos and Isabela


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