Isabela’s Story (as told by her mom Micaela)

 “Love bears all things,

believes all things,

hopes all things,

endures all things,

love never fails…”

(1 Corinthians 13:7-8 NASB)


Isabela’s mom Micaela got married at the age of 16. It turned out she became the wife of a very violent alcoholic man.  Micaela would soon find out how cruel her husband really was. (Her life is an example of many of our young ladies who grow up in such grinding poverty, the first time a man pays attention to them they often see him as a way out of their very difficult living situation). “Any port in a storm” is the desperate and all to common mindset of many the young women in our communities.

When Isabela was born it soon became apparent she was a special needs child. Her father, along with his entire family despised the baby for her disabilities and demanded she give the baby away. Micaela refused. The result was mother and daughter were quickly disowned and forced out of the house. All this happened while Isabela was still a baby and so they went back home to Micaela’s parents house. Micaela’s family amplified the exact same accusations she had heard before, that Isabela was cursed and sent as a punishment from God. Her family never hid their feelings but did not disown her or throw her out. She lives to this day in her childhood home.

As Isabela grew older and bigger, she needed to be physically restrained  from wandering away from the house. As the years went by and now in her early thirties Micaela grew more and more weary, suffering increasingly from feelings of doubt and guilt. Increasingly she had thoughts that God had indeed cursed her in giving birth to a handicapped child. Micaela’s resentment increasingly grew towards Isabella, in questioning God, herself, and others.

Two years ago Micaela started attending La Casa de La Paz and has renewed her relationship with God especially God as her heavenly Father. Through the message of Jesus Christ and his personal example, she is learning that peace of mind is her birthright as a child of God. Now seeing life from Gods point of view, she is learning what the meaning of life is  really all about as Jesus supplies all the missing pieces to her unique  life’s puzzle. She is now learning through the gift of the Holy Spirit, (the very DNA of God) she has in her possession only gift she’ll ever really need. She is learning that even the humblest of God’s children have access to all the riches and treasures of Christ, despite the broken, twisted and oftentimes cruel world into which she was born. She is also learning to embrace the example and invitation of Jesus Christ to His own cross by taking up her own, that is by faith in Jesus resurrection the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in her, she is no longer defined by her past. “Through the cross of Christ I am crucified unto the world and the world unto me”. (Gal. 5:14) What more needs to be said?

Micaela never remarried and Isabela her only child is now a teenager. Her mom takes her to sign school to learn how to communicate when she has the money for bus fair. Isabela can’t speak, but is aware and understands some of what’s going on around her. Micaela is one of our many ladies who earns under $500 a year. Because of  Isabela’s needs Micaela does not work and is financially helped by her sister along with donations she receives from our community and others. By the grace of God her bitterness and resentment have greatly dissolved. The faithfulness of God is reflected in her sacrificial love for her daughter. She is a testimony to the word of God alive and active in her life. Her life story witnesses of Gods eternal faithfulness that, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never fails…”(1 Cor.13)

Isabela and isabel
Isabela and her friend Isabel

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