Isabel’s Story

isabel and mom
Isabel and her mom

When Isabel was born her parents were very happy as she was their first child. As the years went by she became very sick and virtually stopped growing all together. Within the first year it was apparent that Isabel was a special needs child. Regardless of this her mom and dad are quick to say all things work together for good for Gods people. They believe  she’s as much a gift from God as their other children.  After Isabel they had 7 more children all which have grown up developmentally normal. It’s wonderful for us to share the story of an actual family composed of a mom and dad who have been successfully married married over thirty years and have successfully raised 8 children.


Because Isabel’s parents suffer from extreme poverty she never had a doll before. It seems at the age of thirty two she is now becoming more aware. She now comes to the meetings by herself  when her mom can’t come with her. Recently she’s wanted a a doll for the first time in her life, so here are some photos of Isabel and her new doll along with Carlos and Isablela and their new dolls as well.

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