How La Casa de La Paz Came to Santa Cruz …  When A Child Tried to Hang Himself

She was very happy and excited but we have not seen her since. We later met Martha’s sister Alicia, who  said Martha’s husband told her not to bring us again to her house as he did not want Martha to have any visitors. We told Alicia that we were planning to have a meeting in Santa Cruz and that she was invited. Alicia was very happy about this and told us other woman needed help with fears of domestic violence.

Our First Meeting

  The next time we saw Alicia was our last – this was at our first formal meeting in Santa Cruz a week later. We rented a small room for our first meeting Only two women came,, the landlord’s wife (to unlock the door) and Alicia. After that Alicia called and told us her husband didn’t want her go to the meetings either. She tried to tell him the meetings were very respectful of the husbands and only focused on the wives and children and their relationships with God. He said no.

The second meeting only one woman came and that was the landlord’s wife also  named Martha. Since no one came to our meeting Marta asked her mom Francesca to come. At the time this seemed like a very small thing; we were wrong.

The third meeting Marta’s mom Francisca came. (Pictured above with Martha, Mercedes, and Gloria.) We explained to her the ministry of La Casa de La Paz, of the holiness of God’s unconditional love, the power of forgiveness and ministry of reconciliation in the cross of Jesus Christ, the grace and dignity that only God can give us as his children and also we pray and help one another the best we can.

Have you ever met a real evangelist?

Introducing Francisca 

Francisca was very happy in meeting us and for the fellowship we had. She was getting old and living by herself so our meeting helped her a lot. She told us that there were lots of other woman in Santa Cruz that needed this kind of help who suffered many things besides abuse, there were many who suffered from abandonment, loneliness, depression, anger, problems with children, hunger and many other things. She said she was going to invite as many women as she could. During the next week Francisca was very busy going door to door throughout Santa Cruz. She told all the ladies to tell their husbands about it and how positive our meetings are for the common good of everyone  in the family. The next week we were in shock – 15 new ladies came and presently we have 19 regular attenders. Francisca is amazing. She is the one who has gotten all these woman to attend the meetings.

So this was the way La Casa de Paz came to Santa Cruz. God is full of surprises. We came to help two sisters and their families but now have no contact with either of them. Still we consider them part of our family. We are very surprised at how the Holy Spirit moves and does his work, very surprised. We expected to do one thing but God did another! What an amazing blessing it is to have a Spiritual Father like ours who loves us beyond our imagination and also desires to favor each of us including our new sisters and their families with goodness! We know God is our Father and we are his daughters.

Prayer Requests

We have to walk up the mountain a lot, so is better to go on a motto taxi aka tuc tuc so we can get there in time. We also have to take a speed boat to get there since is in the other side of the lake. So please to everybody that read this letter …please pray for us since we travel in speed boat and bus every time we go to a meeting. Blessings to all. Mercedes “We battle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in the heavenly places” Ephesians 6:12 Please pray against every spiritual parasite you can think of, depression, fear, anger resentment, revenge, hatred, etc. that they are so filled with the Holy Spirit there is no longer any time or place for such useless thinking.

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