Interested in Helping?

Photo Dec 09, 12 02 28 PMThis past year 13 houses were built by Solomon’s Porch for the indigenous poor, all here in Solola, the state I live in. It’s a labor of love that brings such a sense of fulfillment, that can’t be put it into words. We’ve had laborers from age 10 to 90 here this past year so come on down, work at your own pace, and rub elbows and make friends with some really cool volunteers, not to mention all the wonderful Mayans you would meet. The air flight and housing (if you were to stay with me) would be about $600 total. The Holy Spirit meets us in powerful, life changing ways, every time a group comes down. We have volunteer habita, and othert type church groups here 20 weeks or more out of the year. No construction experience is necessary, the volunteers are friendly, you won’t be a stranger, and the groups are very positive to be with. Also the lake here is 11 miles long, has 3 volcanoes on it, and is considered by world travelers to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. You could do as much touring as you would care to do. We are very flexible … time works differently here.

In addition to the above volunteer work, I’m involved in an indigenous church to be more a part of the local culture. Sundays has a bilingual Spanish, English service which is a big plus. Most bilingual services here are Spanish, Kaqchi-kel. There is no local Methodist Church in this area.
Your prayers are much appreciated as I / we are attempting to start an English speaking AA group . We are in even greater need of an  ALA NON group here that would be in Spanish and Kaqchi kel. The problem of alcoholism is a powerful one. Mix it with the machismo mind set and you often have a recipe for disaster.Besides the root causes of a genetic predisposition for alcohol, there is the ever present sense of alienation, hopelessness and poverty. Alcohol is so entwined in Mayan rituals that are often fused with Catholic fiestas, it becomes a total cultural phenomenon that is not easily dealt with. We really need a family support group here to deal with family members of alcoholics. With this we also are in crying need for a half way house for abused women and children. The only word that I can think of to describe the plight of so many of the women here is the word “catastrophe”.Every time you think you’ve heard the worst possible story you could possible hear, something even worse comes along. Please remember us.